Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Update on my life

There has been some changes in my life. Some great and some to get over, but over all I'm in a better place now and is slowing getting better. For awhile the situation that I was in had put a halt to my crafting. The last project that I was working on was a diaper bag. I was only able to get the exterior of the bag finished. However now that V is 14 months and I don't need to carry so much with me, not sure if I want to finish it and just hang on to it, sell it or give it away as a gift. hmm...

I'm thinking I will change this blog from a crafting type blog to a more family/craft/general blog. Once I have things to blog about I will restart to blog again until then... this will go on hiatus. Until then see ya.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Father's day gift and card

Well I finally finished the word book for fathers day for my husband, (on behalf of my son). It took about 3 weeks to do it since I only did it on days I felt crafty. Here it is:

The card stock that i used was from Prima Marketing : Nursery tales, and everything else was old scraps from my scrap pile. here are a couple of my fav. pages. oh and I also used my cricut and scal for some of the images

On Sunday DH, Vince and I will be spending our time at the zoo for fathers day. We hardly have time to do anything as a family now. Dh works over 10 hours a day, and some times works on Saturday. So, our family time is usually at the dinner table or just before we go to bed. Most nights we'll lay in bed while I'm breastfeeding Vince and just talk about what we're doing the next day. However, it usually ends with me forgetting to do what we talked about till its too late to do it. lol oops. Anyhow, I'm excited about our little trip to the local zoo, I'm so glad its still one of the few free zoos.

So I've made a few cards since I've gotten the Circut and DL SCAL. And tomorrow is a wedding of one of the girl's from church. So decided to use 50's Sweethearts digital stamp from The Greeting Fram. I just love their stamps!! What's sad is I haven't done any coloring since my last art class which was eek...umm 8 years ago beside my coloring with crayon wiht my neices and nephew lol. but I tink it turned out ok.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

What's been going on.

Well it sure has been awhile since I last posted. I've been meaning to post sooner but I have been so busy! My little sister is on a short term missionary to Thailand for three weeks. At the moment now she is visiting Vietnam. Apparently she is having too much fun to call home, but has all the time in the world to text home. She is too funny. Couple of days before she left I asked her how long she will be gone for and when she said 3 wks, I was shocked. For the longest time I though it was just a week long STM. I'm such a dork lol.

Vincent, my son has been trying to stand alone now. His new Favorite thing to do is walk. If he is fussy, hold his arm and walk with him, he just loves it. Goodness he is growing up way to fast! For a baby who is almost 8 months he is already in 18 months clothes! man he is a big baby!

So, ever since I got SCAL, Cricut and downloaded inkscape I have been looking up different types of font as well as dingbats and dl-ing them. I had a bunch! last weekend DH decided to reformat my laptop since it was proccessing everything so slow. In doing so I saved all my desktop files along with pictures and pretty much everything! However, in the middle of it being formated I realized I didnt write down all the new fonts I dl. "grrr". So of course after it all I spent the next day looking at dafont.com and dl-ing all the fonts that I recall having, along with some new ones too ;D

Sunday, May 31, 2009

CUTE blog i just came upon!

Hello, well doing my nightly searches, I know, I should really finish my scrapbook. Have set that aside for a while now bad me. Some of the pages that I have yet to start are from April and May along with the holidays. My excuse is lack of supplies. I've been telling DH that I need more supplies, and lately he has been giving me more money to spend on my scrap booking supplies, and yet ... nothing lol.

While browsing around I found this cute blog! A place to be me... she also has some cute things that she has made. Its a def. go take a look, oh and also this cool blog candy as well!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

check out this Blog Candy!

Well this is my first time posting this early most of the time its in the late evening or very early in the morning. (11pm-3am) hehe. anyhow check out this blog that i just came across and look at the blog candy ! not only that but there are tons of great info and just about everything!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Check out Adams Acres Scrapin

While looking around in my Yahoo groups I came upon this cool site: Adams Acres Scrapin. With in minutes of snooping around I just had to sign up to receive updates! What made it even better was their blog candy. Yes, I know we all love blog candies but you have to check out theirs.
Awesome huh!? You should read the list of what is in the giveaway! I just couldn't believe it! Better sign up now because the entry ends on the 31st of MAY. Yes, in a couple of days!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Next Level

Come check out The Next Level's blog, it will be launched on the 1st of June. What's cool about them is that their 'Weekly Challenges are not tied to any specific brand' -which I like. I can't wait to see what else they have to offer! I know it will be one of the many sites I will be on to give me more inspirational ideas.

What's even cool is their blog candies that they will be giving out one the Launch day. There will be two yes 2 candies given away! Can you believe that! I'm excited. hehe.